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It’s Body Scrub Season!

My Story...

I remember my younger sister giving me a homemade body scrub for Christmas! When I opened the mason jar she put it in, it smelled like a lemon drop! It was the perfect blend of oils, citrus and grit that buffed my skin to perfection! I asked her to make me this scrub for birthdays and Christmas for years. However, now she doesn’t have much time since starting new endeavors. I am too lazy to make my own scrub, so I decided to try a citrus scrub I saw on a drug store display. The timing for discovering this display was perfect. The temperature dropped, and my skin was feeling dry, with roughness in some areas.

Tree Hut Vitamin C Shea Sugar Scrub.

I’m loving this body scrub! It feels almost like the homemade one my sister made me ( and looks similar to the D.I.Y. scrubs on the web). I was zealous with my usage at first, and scratched my skin up a bit! Now I’m down to once a week. I’ve since become more enthusiastic and purchased another scrub on the market in two fragrances!

I generally use two to three fairly large sized “globs” of scrub during one use. The scrub has a water base, so it’s not as concentrated as a scrub that contains clay based ingredients.

I don’t require that all of my products contain natural ingredients, or be organic. This is one of those products that appear to contain synthetic ingredients and numerous chemicals. I cocktail many of my products with natural oils when needed.


Product Features:

  • Has a light, grapefruit scent, which is energizing for me in the morning

  • Has a jelly-like texture that is rough, but finely milled

  • The oil blend in the product is light ( I actually wish it was heavier)

  • It rinses off easily

  • It dissolves quickly in water

  • Is inexpensive

For me, bath or shower time is a whole ritual! I enjoy the various formulas, textures and scents my cleansing, treatment and moisturizing products come in. I mix, match and apply the combination that suits me for the day or evening! It’s almost therapeutic and puts me in a great mood!

Thank you for reading, as I share my rediscovery of my love for body scrubs! If you are not currently a "scrubber" try adding one to your shower routine. It polishes your skin and prepares it to receive your body oil, and/or skin cream!


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