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My Dermalogica Top 5!

Dermalogica is a brand that is trending all over social media! The company makes products for skin care professionals to use in the salon and spa, as well as take home maintenance products for the salon/spa customer, regular consumer, and of course for the beauty influencer!

My Dermalogica Top 5 !

  1. Daily Superfoliant

  2. Special Cleansing Gel (not pictured)

  3. Multi-active Toner

  4. Charcoal Rescue Mask

  5. Multi-vitamin Recovery Mask

If I could give these products stars from one to five, these products all get a five from me! I see results immediately from first use, and improvement if I’m consistent with my routine (which doesn’t always happen). I haven’t found other products on the market that are as concentrated, while not full of fragrance, alcohol or other irritants.

The two main themes I’ve noticed in online reviews regarding these products are:

  1. The product cost, and if it is worth the money.

  2. The product(s) from this company that did wonders for their acne and/or dark spots.

The products listed in my top five, and are by no means the only Dermalogica products I own, but these products are the core of my routine.

I use these products to address my skin care concerns with the texture and appearance of my skin as a result of aging.


The products were an investment back then (even with 20% off at the trade show), and they still are now!


My Dermalogica Story…

I attended the large beauty trade show that comes to Long Beach, California every year, back in 2008.

There was a booth there, where the specialists from the company were “face mapping” different consumers. They steamed my face, and examined my skin under the magnifying mirror. I was informed that my skin type is “combination”, oily t-zone and dry cheeks (I thought I was oily all over, acne prone skin).

It was also observed by the specialist that the ance I had was only hormonal, as I had a few clusters of pimples located in a couple of areas on my face, and not entirely covered. At that time, I felt that my skin was having frequent breakouts that I couldn’t get a handle on, and I was frustrated about it!

So I share this to say that the Dermalogica specialist that saw my face didn’t think the situation I was complaining about was as bad as I perceived it to be! That was a good thing!

This was my first exposure to the Dermalogica brand, so I did get sticker shock. The products were an investment back then (even with 20% off at the trade show), and they still are now!

I purchased a few items that were suggested, and I’ve been in love ever since. I did try to find less expensive alternatives. Eventually these alternatives either stopped working well for me, got discontinued, or the ingredients changed for the worst. So now I’m back to Dermalogica for my must-haves, with a few other products from other companies mixed in to my skin care routine.

A lot of products have been added to the line since 2008!

The following, is a brief explanation of what each of the products in my top five do for me!


Daily Superfoliant:

I loved the original microfoliant. This product (from the Age Smart line) is similar in how it is applied and its recommended use. This product is loved by many beauty gurus. It contains charcoal (among other ingredients), which I find works wonders on brightening up my skin. It is in a powder form that is mixed with water to activate. It exfoliates my face without being too harsh, and I feel it also helps keep the occasional pimples I get down to a minimum. I use this product twice daily.

Special Cleansing Gel

This is a product that really can be used all over the body. I pushed too much product out of the pump while in the shower once and just made it work! I use it twice a day, sometimes more depending on what the day brought on!

It is a completely clear gel with no fragrance or harsh chemicals. It is concentrated enough to give my skin a deep clean, but my face doesn’t feel “burned” after usage, as I’ve experienced with other cleansers.

I have sensitive skin and nasal allergies, so it is important that my cleansers don’t irritate either issue.

This product is also strong enough for me to remove light make-up without the use of remover beforehand.

Multi-active Toner

This is a product that is well loved by many. I believe it is the only spray toner on the market like it! This spray is not just water in a bottle with some fragrance! It truly tones the skin, and leaves my face feeling hydrated and prepared for receiving my serums, and/or moisturizer. There are no ingredients that burn or irritate my skin, and no added fragrance. It has really been a help for my sensitive skin. During the summer, I have even forgone moisturizer after using this toner because I was a sweaty mess in my home with no air conditioning! I can’t say enough about it!

Charcoal Rescue Mask

I love this mask! It is a very thick mask, so I apply only a small amount to damp skin in light layers. I really, really try not to over-use this product for longevity! It relieves many of my issues:

  • Irritation from acne flare-ups

  • Enlarged pores seem less noticeable

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells

  • Absorbs excess oil

Multi-vitamin Recovery Mask

My skin definitely feels recovered after using this mask! My “problem areas” where I struggle the most with the visible signs of aging, seem hydrated, and less noticeable. I actually feel that this product is more of a face "treatment" than a mask. The product dries clear and remains flexible on top of the skin. It doesn't harden the way most clay based masks do, but don't be fooled. If anti-aging and/or dryness is a concern of yours, as it is for me, weekly (if not bi-weekly) use of this product may help a great deal. I use a facial steamer with this treatment for better penetration. I also use this product sparingly for longevity, and mainly focus on the "high risk" areas of my face!


If you've read down this far, thanks for taking the time!

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