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Kinks & Curls with Biosilk + CHI Brands

What I Love About the Biosilk and CHI Brand!:

  • Silky hair when wet or dry

  • Beautiful fragrances

  • Glossy shine with heat tools

  • Frizz control with longevity

  • Great styling tools


Product List (pictured above, left to right).

  • Biosilk Curl Cream w/ Coconut Oil

  • Silk Therapy Leave-in Treatment with Coconut Oil

  • Silk Therapy Miracle 17 Leave-in Conditioner

  • Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Daily Conditioner

  • Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Deep Protein Mask

  • Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Shampoo


Below are some ideas I have about the hair types that may benefit from the products that I tried.

<Miracle 17 on ends

<Silk Therapy w/ Coconut Oil

on ends

<Monoi & Olive Shampoo

<Monoi & Olive Deep Protein Mask

<Miracle 17

<Silk Therapy w/ Coconut Oil

<Miracle 17

<Biosilk Curl Cream w/ Coconut Oil


When trying these products on my own hair, here is what

I experienced:

  • Light, pleasant fragrance from Biosilk products.

  • Luxurious fragrance and luxurious product consistency from the Deep Brilliance products.

  • The products were styling products are light weight, but because I have thick hair I added more product than recommended, which caused some flaking and a greasy feel to my hair the day after styling.

  • The Silk Therapy serum gives my hair weight, and heat protection but doesn't make the hair shiny.

  • I used the Deep Brilliance Olive and Monoi, silk serum as well. It adds shine, and beautiful fragrance, it disappeared into my hair because it is a very light weight product.

In conclusion:

The CHI/Biosilk products that I experimented with were not designed for my hair type, or the roller set that I tried to do on my hair with the curl cream, the leave-in treatment and the hair serum!

My hair was a frizzy mess the next day after the roller set, and felt burned because the products may have not been meant to be applied before sitting under the dryer, with a head of hair that is already prone to dryness!

The shampoo and conditioner from the Deep Brilliance line was nice. I could get a comb through my hair at the very least. The deep conditioning treatment didn't seem very much different from the daily conditioner, as far as the ingredient list,

thickness, and how it worked on my hair.

Who is this product for?

Just because it didn't work for me doesn't mean that these are not good products. I included the models pictured above to explain who these products may be good for.


I forgot all of the reasons I had to stop experimenting with new products, because I have a head of hair that so few products can tame!


I purchased these products during "quarantine" and wanted to experiment with different hair products that I hadn't tried before. The problem is, while being excited to try a new product, I forgot all of the reasons I had to stop experimenting with new products, because I have a head of hair that so few products can tame!

I figured perhaps my experience will help a consumer decide whether these products are right for them the next time they see them at a beauty supply, or online.

Thank you for joining me on my beauty blog, and for reading down this far!

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