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So "Scent Marketing" is the Reason?

The Problem?

A symptom of aging for me has been a noticeable increase in sensitivity to fragrance in my facial, and hair care products. I was wondering, "what's the big deal, about not having such LOUD fragrances in nearly EVERY product I pick up?" Did you know that some companies print fragrance into the product labels, so that there is a scent when you pick it up? I was "today-years-old" when I found out! I'm not surprised, because magazine inserts have fragrance pages that you can unfold and smell, but still...

It is not just a matter of my nasal allergies being irritated, but I also believe that the actual chemicals that are used to create these fragrances are irritating my skin and scalp, because my eyes would water!

I've gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to wash products off of my face or out of my hair, to prevent the onset of an allergic reaction that I could feel coming on! IT'S THAT BAD!


"Fragrance" listed as an ingredient in most products often contain many chemicals, in addition to the chemicals that are clearly listed (that I have to look up, to learn their purpose)!


What is "Scent Marketing"?

I'm well aware that most women consumers base their product purchases on how the product smells. What I didn't know was that scent is part of a product line's marketing campaign!

Scent Marketing is a tactic of using fragrance as a means of achieving some of the following:

  • Enhancing a brand's image

  • Creating an emotional or subconscious trigger to increase a product's sales

  • Enticing customers to spend a longer time in the store

It is now no wonder to me why I can't find products with even a light fragrance, let alone, little to NO fragrance.It won't sell! The product won't make a lasting impression on a customer, thus increase chances of brand loyalty. Now I get it!

So... Now What?

This simply means that I won't have as many options on the market to choose from. The products that I find with less fragrance, and a higher concentration of quality ingredients will cost me more money. This is an exchange, in favor of my health and well being that I have accepted.

I'm Not Alone!

Thankfully, I've noticed an increase in companies floating around online, that are promoting their products with natural ingredients. The products have natural fragrances that dissipate after an hour or so, because no chemicals were added to make the fragrance last longer! The unfortunate part is, I don't get the "emotional and subconscious trigger" from the fragrance in my products that many women (according to research) typically enjoy! Oh well!

What Am I Using?

My base products are the following:


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