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The L.O.C. Method May NOT Be Just for Natural Hair!


What is the L.O.C. Method?

For those that do not know, the L.O.C. Method is an acronym for liquid, oil and cream. This is a popular topic, and method of hair care in the online, textured-hair beauty community. It is a way to layer products onto the hair, in the correct order to lock moisture into the hair strands, for a longer period of time.

This can also be a skin care method...

I had a thought, that maybe I (and perhaps many other ladies) are already using this method to apply our skin care, bath and body products and didn't realize it? Also, what if others didn't know that this method may help control issues with dry skin? After a bath, I was layering my products on in this manner, as if on "auto pilot".

  • My skin is damp from water: Liquid

  • Next, I apply bath oil: Oil

  • I apply moisturizing lotion last: Cream

It's the same with my facial care products!

  • I apply a spray toner: Liquid

  • Next, my treatment oils/serums: Oil

  • Lastly I apply moisturizer: Cream


L.O.C. Method for Heat Styling?

Additionally, I use this method for (lightly) layering products before heat styling as well (without realizing it beforehand)!

  • I apply leave-in conditioner spray on damp hair: Liquid

  • Next a light serum or oil for heat protection: Oil

  • Lastly a cream for blow drying textured hair straight: Cream

Layering products in this manner can actually be done on all hair types where heat protection and frizz control are needed; or even for pulling hair into a ponytail. The amount of product needed would just have to be adjusted accordingly.

This technique has been versatile for me in many situations, and I am seeing good results as many others have!


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